The Process Model

Your business is a series of pieces and parts that work together to produce a desired result. It is not too dissimilar in nature to an assembly line where one process connects to the next, which, in turn, feeds into the next, and so on, until something is finally created. The Process Model is the True Friends representation of that ‘assembly line’. It starts with Enroll (a new associate) and shows all the key processes involved in moving from a new associate to a team leader. Experience has shown that adherence to the model expedites the development of a strong and effective organisation.


Simply click on a specific Process for a full explanation of what it involves and/or to download a copy of the associated documentation. Optionally, you can download the entire system documentation by clicking here.

Note: You will need ezyZip to unzip/decompress the file, and Adobe Reader Version 7.0 or higher to open the PDF documents referenced in the Process Model. You can obtain a free copy of the reader from the Adobe website and execute EzyZip from here.