As soon as you have been sponsored into the True Friends organisation, you would need some training before you can share the USANA opportunity with others. A lot of people sign up enthusiastically, speak to a few people, don’t get the response they hoped for and then get discouraged and give up. They then go back to what already wasn’t working for them, usually a job, and give up on their dreams… and help somebody else achieve their dreams. This does not have to happen to you.

You do not need to know everything before you get started, but you do need some basic training which you can obtain through the various forums and training resources that are available to you.

If you have not already received your Business Development System (BDS) from USANA, you should receive it within a few days. The BDS is often referred to as the Starter Kit. Put the BDS together using the ‘tabs’ that are provided in the kit.

Set aside some to read through your BDS when you receive it.

Contact your sponsor to tell him/her that you have received your BDS and would like to schedule (as per Step 2 of the Business Development Model of True Friends Success System) a ‘Getting Started Meeting’ with him/her. Often your sponsor will schedule this meeting with you when you join. The purpose of the meeting is to assist you to get started correctly and to:

  • Discuss any questions you have after reading through your BDS.
  • Learn about the True Friends Success System
  • Learn about the True Friends website
  • Start developing your own business plan (which is less daunting than it sounds)
  • Schedule time in your Day Planner /Diary for
    • training events
    • business meetings
    • a progress tracking meeting with your sponsor

You will need to take your BDS / Starter Kit to the meeting with your sponsor.


Your Associate Identification Number

Your associate number is on the invoice you received with your first delivery from USANA, but is not prominently displayed. – you have to look for it. You will find it on the upper right hand side next to the label ‘Cust Nbr’ which is above the list of items in the order. It is a 7 digit number followed by ‘.001’ e.g. 2419123.001

You will also be assigned a password once your application is registered. Use it in conjunction with your Associate Identification number to access the USANA website Once you enter the website, you can change your password.

It would be wise to memorise your Associate Identification number as you would need it for all your communication with USANA.